Could a water source heat pump work for you?

Water source heat pumps (WSHP) are a highly efficient way of tapping into and harnessing the solar radiation stored in underground sources of water. Solar radiation charges the ground and rock throughout the year, with the water which passes through conducting this radiated heat. Because of the year round radiation and the fact that water is a high conductor of heat energy, the underground water source remains at an almost constant temperature all year round.

The benefits of a water source heat pump

The heat transfer rate from water is higher from the ground, making them more effective than ground source heat pumps. In addition, if using a water source heat pump with a moving body of water, the heat is constantly being replaced, as new warmer water replaces the cooler water that has had its heat extracted by the working fluid. For every 1kW of energy required to run a water source heat pump, 4-5kW of equivalent heat energy is produced which can be used to warm your home. This makes the technology more efficient than both air and ground source heat pumps. The supply of hot water is also pretty much constant, despite being cooler in the winter; the body of water will still possess sufficient heat to enable the water source heat pump to operate in the winter. An issue only arises if the body of water completely freezes. Unlike ground source heat pumps, where bore holes or trenches need to be dug on your plot for the piping, the pipework for a water source heat pump is relatively simple to install; it simply needs to be situated within a body of water, which should have little impact on your plot of land. Water source heat pumps have a higher Coefficient of Performance than ground source and air source heat pumps: so for every unit of electricity used to operate them, they can produce more hot water. There is little visual impact on the property, since all the pipework in the water source heat pump system is submerged within the body of water.

Business Benefits

Water source heat pumps which meet the Government’s efficiency criteria are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), making their long-term business case more robust. Because RHI pays for only the renewable heat generated, water source heat pumps are a particularly applicable technology, with some projects seeing an estimated return on investment in just 4-5 years. Additionally, water source heat pumps can be the ideal solution for organisations and developments who need to comply with stringent planning conditions. The pumps produce no harmful on-site emissions, making them suitable for densely populated areas.

Environmental Benefits

Well-designed water source heat pump systems are expected to see in excess of 4kW of heat generated for each kW of electricity use, making them one of the most environmentally friendly technologies available and a great option for meeting strict emissions guidelines. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, these systems emit no harmful on-site greenhouse gasses and compliance with the Environmental Agency standards ensures that there are no detrimental effects to the local ecology. What are you waiting for? Contact Nottingham Energy Centre today and learn how you can benefit from having heat pumps installed at your property. For all queries and booking requests, you may call us at 0115 845 6556 or email