Solar PV Products

Solar PV Installation

Solar PV Installation

Whats Involved

Step one of the journey towards powering your home with solar panels is a visit from a Nottingham Energy Centre, so we can carry out a solar panel survey assessment. In the vast majority of occasions, solar panels can be configured to fit any roof, even flat roofs.In the unlikely event your roof is unsuitable, there are alteranative solutions, including free-standing systems that can be installed in your garden. Once we have completed our survey of your property and confirmed the suitability of your roof, our team of PV engineers will begin fitting the panels on the site, installing an inverter and finally, wiring the whole system to your mains supply.People across the UK are increasingly coming to the realisation that solar panels could be the solution to their energy needs, which is why we’ve based ourselves in the heart of the UK. From our headquarters in Nottingham, East Midlands, we are able to provide our solar panel expertise .The solar panels we install come with a 30 year performance guarantee and they are entirely maintenance-free, minimizing the ongoing cost to you and saving you money long-term.

Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Solar Battery Storage Systems are the perfect compliment to any Solar PV system or as an additional part of your solar purchase. The simple reason being, you remain OFF GRID for longer saving you even more money every month from your energy bill.Our range is based on suitability with any current solar PV system, which you may have already installed on your property. Secondly, our Solar PV Battery storage systems are currently the best on the market and well priced to make them a good investment.

X-HYBRID SOLAX INVERTER Battery Storage System

The ground-breaking X-Hybrid is much more than just a solar battery storage inverter. It is an intelligent, integrated system that manages the energy you generate effectively and efficiently.The X-Hybrid works by storing surplus energy in batteries for later use.The Hybrid ‘E’ also has built-in EPS (Emergency Power Supply) functionality, allowing the end user to make use of their stored energy in the event of a power outage. The ‘E’ series can also work as a completely off-grid system.



Soltaro Hybrid Inverter Series

  • Nature Convection, IP 65
  • compact “all-in-one” system
  • Smart Grid, Back-Up, Off/On Grid
  • Intelligent storage management
  • Seamless switchover to keep your power on during outage
  • Simplicity of use and operation “Plug&Play” Installation
  • Local and remote monitoring
  • Australian Designed and Engineered
  • Solar Panels

    Solar Panels

    Nottingham Energy Centre know how important it is to not only provide customers with great products at fantastic prices.It’s also just as important to make sure that the products being fitted are of the highest quality.That’s why Nottingham Energy Centre only use Tier 1 Solar PV panels.Not only are they the best on the market and help produce the maximum energy to create the most free electricity to power your home, there is also a range of different power rated panels available.This is so important, because if you only have a small roof area available, a higher power performing panel can be used so the number of panels required to generate the maximum amount of electricity is less.

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    Credit is provided by Ikano Bank AB (publ) and is available subject to status to UK residents aged 18 or over. Nottingham Energy Centre acts as a credit broker not a lender and offers credit products for Ikano Bank AB (publ) and a panel of lenders. Ikano Bank is authorised in Sweden by Finansinspektionen, the regulator for banks in Sweden, and is subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority. Ikano Bank is a trading name of the UK branch of Ikano Bank AB (publ), which is registered with branch number BR016253. The registered office of the UK branch of Ikano Bank AB (publ) is Waterfront House, Waterfront Plaza, Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3DQ

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