6 Myths About Solar Panels

There is no shortage of news on the internet. With the endless supply of information comes a proportionate amount of misinformation as well. It is important to set the record straight and outline the myths surrounding solar panels.

Some of the misconceptions are based on belief and some are based on truth which has been misinterpreted by emphasising unimportant factors.

There are a lot of myths out there about solar panels. Our quick solar panel guide will help you to get to the truth.

Myth 1

Solar Energy Nottingham

Government Grants have stopped

False. The Feed in Tariff payments are still guaranteed for 20 years. These payments mean you get paid for every unit of electricity you generate, plus you get paid for every unit you don’t use and send to the national grid.

Myth 2

Solar panels only work in bright sunshine

False. Solar panels do produce electricity in cloudy weather infact only daylight is required. They don’t produce as much electricity as they do on sunny days, but they have been shown to produce 25% of what they produce on a sunny day, or 10% when it’s very cloudy.The average household electricity consumption is 3300KWh per year, a 4KWp Solar PV System will produce around 3400KWh per year.

Myth 3

Your solar panels have to face south

False. Though south facing roofs will have the most direct sunlight exposure, the negative is that your roof does not have to face south for solar to work. East or west facing panels are slightly less productive, but only by about 15-20%. Factors like the cost of energy and available incentives will affect your solar economics much more than roof orientation.

Myth 4

It takes 20-30 years to get your money back from solar panel

False. Advances in technology and the Feed-in Tariffs have greatly reduced ‘pay back’ time. The average payback term is 5-7 years.

Myth 5

Solar panels lose efficiency quickly

False. Most panels are guaranteed for 25 years to work at 80% of their original efficiency minimum. Solar Modules will continue to work well over 50 years

Myth 6

I need planning permission

False. Since a change in legislation in April 2008, the installation of solar panels has been deemed ‘permitted development’ and therefore planning permission IS NOT required, unless you are living in a conservation area or area of natural beauty. .

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